JH 122_colThe past year has been quite an adventure for Zeta Class alumnus Jake Wiskerchen ’01 (Journalism), ’08 MA,’11 MA. Since March 2011 he got engaged, got married, hired to a new job, let go from that job, graduated with a second master’s degree, become a certified alcohol and drug counselor intern, become a licensed marriage and family therapist intern, become a nationally certified counselor, adopted a puppy, and purchased a home. “It certainly hasn’t been dull, that’s for sure,” Jake said with a laugh. “I think adulthood just kind of walked up and bit me on the butt without telling me first.”

The chapter has grown so big that we (the alumni) are going to need all the help we can get just to manage the numbers of graduates that are coming along. Wiskers, as he is known to his SigEp brothers, lists his hobbies as hiking, backpacking, scuba diving, snowboarding, cooking, sports of all kinds, being involved with his church, and beer brewing. He will be undergoing knee surgery soon to repair a torn ACL so the sports activity has declined lately while the beer brewing has gotten more attention. So much so in fact, that he is currently in the process of retrofitting a stand-up freezer to dispense kegs of his own home-brewed beer. “Home brewing is a blast but the bottling process sucks, so I just decided to start kegging all my beer. Plus, it makes my man cave that much more awesome to have homemade draft beer available.” He plans to enter the Sierra Tap House Homebrew competition this summer with what he considers his two best beers: a jalapeno honey ale and a Belgian IPA.

He also looks to get back into volunteering on the Alumni and Volunteer Corporation, which he did diligently from 2004-2008, serving as the board’s communication and housing vice presidents. “I think now that my life has settled down and things are a bit more stable it would be good to get involved again,” he said. “The chapter has grown so big that we (the alumni) are going to need all the help we can get just to manage the numbers of graduates that are coming along. If we let these guys slip through the cracks we’ll miss out on a great opportunity to build the fraternity bigger and stronger than we ever imagined.”

IMG_5339Wiskers has a wealth of experience in college student advisement and enjoys consulting undergrads on their collegiate and post-college plans. He is also currently accepting new clients at his private practice for marriage, couple, and individual counseling services and is generally an all-around fun guy to be around. He and his wife Heather, who works as a nurse at Reno Heart Physicians, enjoy hosting friends for dinner and drinks regularly. If you want to connect with him for any reason, he invites you to contact him at jakewisk@gmail.com or 775.287.1099.

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