Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) Nevada Alpha Alumni Website

Homepage screenshot

Yesterday, I announced publicly that I established a new web address for the Sigma Phi Epsilon Nevada Alpha Alumni to call home. As an alumnus of Sigma Phi Epsilon Nevada Alpha, this website project was near and dear to my heart.

The new website, located at, is housed on a WordPress platform and utilizes a theme found from and several plugins from to enhance the user experience and functionality of the site.

The website took about three days to set up and it will enable SigEp Nevada Alpha alumni & volunteers to be able to:

  1. Submit an article for submission as news about themselves or a fellow alumnus.
  2. Submit images of them or a fellow alumnus for things such as
    1. Alumni events
    2. Family celebrations (weddings, a birth in your family, etc.)
    3. Life accomplishments (purchase of a new home, a new job/career, post-graduate degree, etc.)
    4. Just you with some fellow alumni at a casual get together
    5. Etc.
  3. Submit information about business alumni work for or own and for networking purposes in the Alumni Helping Alumni section of the site
    1. A place to house discounts for their place of business or for a product their business provides
  4. A place to register as a user to share your contact information with the rest of the alumni base (what you display to the public is at the alumnus’ discretion, all else will be displayed behind a login only visible to other users who are logged in)
  5. A place to update alumni contact information
  6. A place to see who is on Alumni & Volunteer Corporation (AVC) and a way to contact the AVC
  7. A place to highlight volunteers and those who have made donations in excess of $100 or its equivalent in materials to the Nevada Alpha AVC and Undergraduate chapter for the calendar year
  8. A place to view recent images of alumni events or images in general as a gallery
  9. A place to make donations to the AVC to support the undergraduate chapter and alumni events (e.g. the fund to purchase the house at 401 University Terrace and the fund for the in-house scholarship or just to make a general donation)
  10. An events calendar and place to showcase upcoming major events
  11. A link to the undergrad chapter website

This is just a brief overview of the site and its capabilities. We, as alumni that are a part of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Nevada Alpha Alumni & Volunteer Corporation, can always add onto the site with such modules as adding a forum, if there is a need for it in the future or perhaps a full-on business directory of where everyone works to share with the alumni base.

Further, this site is based on a “responsive” design which means that the site is both mobile and tablet browser-friendly. How it works is that there is specific coding in the CSS stylesheet to produce a different look and feel when difference screen resolutions are present. You can symbolize the effect by holding your Control key on your keyboard and using the scroll wheel on your mouse, you can scroll up to decrease the screen resolution; essentially increasing the size of things on your screen. You can return it to normal by hitting CTRL + 0 and it will return it to your normal browsing resolution.

I am very pleased with the turnout of this site and hope you are as well. Even though I didn’t design this site from scratch; using a blank Adobe Photoshop document and hand coding, it did take some skill with aesthetics and code to modify the theme to suit the needs of our organization. It is my hope that this professional presence will attract new volunteers as well as donations to support the undergraduate chapter in both the form of scholarships as well as purchasing the house that the chapter is currently renting.

So what do you think?  Will this serve the needs of the alumni base of this Sigma Phi Epsilon Nevada Alpha chapter?