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While I was living in the Washington, DC area, I always liked to hear about what was going on at the chapter house in terms of how much manpower we had, what our GPA is as a chapter, the condition of the house, etc. I assume I am no different than many of you who don’t normally get a chance to hear about what is going on at Nevada Alpha. That being said, I would like to start the tradition of a “By the Numbers” series where we post information for all alumni to learn about the chapter, if only by statistics.

That being said, this Spring 2014 recruitment, the chapter at Nevada Alpha posted some terrific numbers. Take a look and I will let the numbers speak for themselves:

By the Numbers: Spring 2014 Recruitment
Number Bid: 18
Number accepted: 18
Average GPA 3.11
High School Extracurriculars
21 Various varsity letters in: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball
1 Valedictorian
9 Involved in student government
College Extracurriculars
1 Currently a College of Business Senator and plans to run again