2014-2015 AVC Officers


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The ΣΦΕ Nevada Alpha Alumni and Volunteer Corporation elections on Sunday, June 1, 2014 for the new AVC officers for the 2014-2015 year. Thanks to everyone who showed up to participate.

A special thanks goes out to outgoing officer Chris Strader who has contributed greatly to the success of the AVC for nearly a decade serving in a variety of roles, including President. And also to Shenea who obviously played a major role in Chris’ success, but in the success of the board serving as our first female and first non-Sigep to hold an officer position on the AVC. We cannot wait for their eventual return! (fingers crossed)

2014-2015 AVC Officers

  • President – David Bradfield
  • Vice President – Duane Kellogg
  • VP Alumni Relations – Chris McQuattie
  • VP Finance – Jordan Slotnick
  • VP Communications – Will Hull
  • VP Housing – Nancy Kellogg
  • Legal Counselor – Steven Caloiaro
  • Chapter Counselor – Cody Wagner
  • Balanced Man Steward – Mike McDowell

At-large members include: Rob Hill, Thomas Coughlin, Bill Bingham, and Chris and Shenea Strader.

If you need to contact anyone in their official capacity on the AVC, please visit http://nvalpha.org/about/ and take a look at the position email contact info.

Alumnus Spotlight: Marcus Liem, Nevada Alpha ’06


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Hey brothers, we are beginning a new section of our blog where we highlight an alumni of the fraternity and give an update with anything that may be going on in his life.  These articles are your opportunity to give us any sort of update about your life from your own perspective.  They can be funny or serious, short or long, whatever you feel is necessary to tell your story.  We are going to try to post these twice a month so if you are interested in contributing your own update, please send your update along with two or more photos and any positions that you held either in SigEp or ASUN to the current Alumni Vice President of Communications at nvaavc@gmail.com.

Our first blog post is on Marcus Liem.  While Marcus did not hold any Executive Board positions as an undergraduate, he was an integral part of the Alumni Board as the Chapter Counselor for the 2009-2010 school year.

From Biggest Little City To The Big Apple

After graduating from Nevada in 2006, I knew it was not the end of my college experience. Though immediately entering graduate school was not available to me at the time of graduation, earning a master’s degree had been at the forefront of my priority list. After working for several years as a public relations professional in Reno, I made the decision to quite my job, leave my friends/family, resign from my position as chapter counselor, and move to the East Coast to attend New York University (NYU).

For months I had mixed emotions prior to leaving. The idea of a new adventure in a big city was exciting, but the idea of not having a job, no friends/family in the area, and no knowledge of the city terrified me. However, I made a promise to myself that I would embrace this new experience — the good and the bad.

The first couple of months were difficult, but it wasn’t very long until things improved.

I got back into the swing of being a student after a five-year break from school. I still hate the idea of homework, but one thing about grad school I love is my classmates. Sure, some of them can be difficult, but most are smart and impressive people that I’ve learned a lot from. Some of my classmates have become great friends – many were in the same boat as me – new to New York with no established network. It’s nice to have people to explore with, eat with, drink with, and party with.

When I originally moved to New York I just wanted to be a full-time student, but surprisingly I missed the daily routine of work (and the paycheck). Since all my classes are at night, I found myself staying up late and getting-up just in time to watch The Price Is Right – it was a TFM (Total Frat Move). So I made the decision to start looking for a full-time job. After applying for every job under the moon and going to a handful of interviews I got my first New York job break. I was offered a job with the City of New York doing public affairs and communications for the NYC Health Department, focusing on 9/11 health issues. In my short time with this job, I’ve learned and grown so much as a professional. As a West Coast kid, I’ve noticed that many people outside of the Tri-State area only really reflect on 9/11 when the anniversary comes around, but for New Yorkers it’s still a big part of the city, even ten years later. Many have a 9/11 story and many of my co-workers were in Lower Manhattan during the attacks. The whole experience has been a real eye opener.

Paul Litcher’s birthday dinner at the 21 Club with SigEps

Back in Reno I was very active with the Nevada Alpha chapter, and I wanted to keep that going when I moved. Mike McDowell connected me to a New York alumnus, Paul Litcher, who is active with the NYU AVC and the SigEp Metro Alumni network. Paul has really showed me great kindness, taking me out to dinner, giving me the FYI about the city and NY SigEp chapters, and just being a good friend. All the alumnus’s I’ve met have been so kind and have welcomed me with open arms, reminding me how damn proud I am to be a SigEp. Although I have not been as active as I would like to be, since school and working have consumed my life, I’ve gone to many alumni events and AVC meetings.

Although I miss Reno, New York has really grown on me. I’ve learned so much in my short year and as cliché as this may sound – if you can make it in New York you can make anywhere.