2016 SigEp Nevada Alpha Alumni Poker Tournament

Sign up today for the Balanced Man Scholarship Poker Tournament. The entry fee is $50, $40 of which is tax deductible. We will have a private room at the GSR and drinks are free for the first two hours of the tournament. Pertinent details are below:

Where When Why
Grand Sierra Resort Saturday April 2, 2016

Sign up: 6-7PM

Tournament: 7-10PM

Mostly because it will be a great time, but also to benefit the Balanced Man Scholarship (oh, and free drinks for the first 2 hours of the tournament is pretty awesome too)

Please sign up today. As of right now, we have reserved the room for 60 people, so the first 60 to sign up are in. Please make sure you, your friends, and family sign up ASAP. Also, this is a very beginner friendly set-up, so please don’t feel intimidated to join in the fun no matter what your skill level is. They provide everything that any level of player may need. More than anything, this is set up for us all to have a great time!

The Broad Strokes:

Total Tournament Winnings
1st Place $500
2nd Place $300
3rd Place $100
  • Entry fee gets you a seat at a table and $1,000 in chips.
  • Tipping your dealer $10 at the beginning of the tournament gets you another $500 in chips (This is how the dealers are compensated, and why we get the room so cheaply, so please plan on this tip).
  • You can buy back in for another $1,000 in chips anytime during the first 4 levels if you are at $1,000 or less in chips for $20.
  • At the end of the rebuy period player may do a (1) time add on.
2016 Nevada Alpha Alumni Poker Tournament
Balanced Man Poker Chips

Detailed Rules:

  • Tournament begins Promptly @ 7:00 pm
  • Players will start with $1000 in tournament chips. For an additional $10 players will receive $500 in tournament chips.
  • $20 rebuys during the first 4 levels (must have $1000 or less to rebuy) At the end of the rebuy period player may do a (1) time add on. $50 players will receive $5000 in chips
  • 15 minute betting levels
  • 10 minute break after level 3
Tournament Structure


Small Blind

Big Blind





15 Min

2. $25 $50 15 Min.
3. $50 $100 15 Min.
4. $100 $200 15 Min


$400 15 Min
6. $400 $800 15 Min
7. $600 $1,200 15 Min
8. $1,000 $2,000 15 Min
9. $1,500 $3,000 15 Min


  • Check raise is allowed.
  • One hand per player
  • Always fold in turn
  • Big Blind is always the minimum bet
  • All raises must be twice the amount of the previous bet
  • If 2 or more players go all in at the same time, the player with the most money in the pot place highest.
  • Floor person decision is final

To Reserve Your Spot:

The entry fee is $50, $40 of which is tax deductible.

If you wish to contribute more to the Balanced Man Scholarship, please feel free to contribute any amount above $100 at this time. Please note, any additional amount above $100 at this time does not count toward additional buy-ins during the poker tournament. You will need to have that money with you, in person, during the time of the tournament.

If you wish to make a donation and will not be able to attend the event in person, please make your donation through the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation directly.

If you wish to pay in cash or by check, please contact events@nvalpha.org and arrange to fulfill your payment via email.

Please use Tax ID: 54-6053821, Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation when filing your taxes.

Thank you for your support for the Balanced Man Scholarship at the ΣΦΕ Nevada Alpha Chapter

Matt Ward 250.00 USD
David Bradfield 100.00 USD
Mike McDowell 100.00 USD
Cody Wagner 100.00 USD
Kevin Harte 100.00 USD
Brian Deal 100.00 USD
kent johnston 100.00 USD
Henry Soledad (for under or recent grad) 100.00 USD
Cody French 100.00 USD
Chris Higgi 100.00 USD
Troy Jordan 100.00 USD
Todd Jewett 100.00 USD
Jake Wysong 100.00 USD
Evelyn Klatt 100.00 USD
Walter Thomas 100.00 USD
Sean OB 50.00 USD
Jordan Slotnick 50.00 USD
Geoff Goodrich 50.00 USD
Bryan Hughes 50.00 USD
Jason Jarrett 50.00 USD
Rick Perdomo 50.00 USD
Henry Soledad 50.00 USD
Danni Goodrich 50.00 USD
Rob Kaiser 50.00 USD
Dustin Mills Sr. 50.00 USD
Alan Stickney 50.00 USD
Chris McQuattie 50.00 USD
Rob Hill 50.00 USD
Michelle Pilsbury 50.00 USD
Brad Pillsbury 50.00 USD
Bruce Jackson 50.00 USD
Kristina York 50.00 USD
Adam York 50.00 USD
Mike Dupont 50.00 USD
Will Hull 50.00 USD
John Metzger 50.00 USD
Kyle Riley 50.00 USD
Chris Hughs 50.00 USD
Robert Kalman 50.00 USD
Big Daddy Lee Oscar 50.00 USD
Jake Wiskerchen 50.00 USD
Mason 50.00 USD
Steven caloiaro 50.00 USD
Loren Stout (for under or recent grad) 50.00 USD
Josh Greenbaum 50.00 USD
Casey Wildermuth 50.00 USD
Thomas Coughlin 50.00 USD
Michael Combs 50.00 USD
Tiffany Thompson 50.00 USD
Landon Lutrick 50.00 USD
Jonathan Black 50.00 USD
Brad Wuest 50.00 USD
Alex Khaliq 50.00 USD
Samuel Crampton 50.00 USD
Rob Stachlewitz 50.00 USD
Steven Bulera 50.00 USD
Nick Coughlin 50.00 USD
Will Wagner 50.00 USD
Michael Dupont 50.00 USD
Chris Strader 50.00 USD
Chris George 50.00 USD
Bryan 50.00 USD
Todd Jewett (for Ben Salar) 50.00 USD
Todd Jewett (for Dr. dad oil) 50.00 USD
Ray frazer 50.00 USD
Conor Laughlin 50.00 USD
Total amount 4200.00 USD