Annual Alumni vs. Undergrad Softball Game

SigEp Alumnus Orel Hershiser

SigEp Alumnus
Orel Hershiser
Source: Pinterest

Each year the ΣΦΕ alumni and undergraduates from the Nevada Alpha chapter face off in what is known world-wide as the ultimate softball game. The team who wins has bragging rights for the next year and walks away with a sense of pride and accomplishment in living the ideals of the Balanced Man on and off the field.

The game is usually followed by an alumni/undergraduate mixer at a location near campus.

Will you join us this year?

Where When Why
Idlewild Park Softball Fields Spring 2016

Arrival: 9:00 AM

End: Around 12:00 PM

To determine this year’s champion. Besides, what else would you rather be doing on a Spring Sunday morning?

Play Ball!