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We’re back with our next installment of “By the Numbers”, and this time we are posting our 2014 Spring graduate numbers. We had a total of 13 graduates through Hoop of Steel and you can find out more about our newest chapter alumni below.

We have a pretty good list of graduates from the latest semester. What do you think?

By the Numbers: Spring 2014 Graduates
Name Date Joined Overall GPA Degree Future Plans
Mason Buckman Fall 2010 3.00 Finance and Economics along with a minor in Accounting Mason plans to acquire a career in his field of study after graduation.
Adam Casey Fall 2010 3.35 Biology along with a minor in Psychology Adam plans to become an EMT for a year before enrolling into a Physician Assistant Program.
Chris Chacko Spring 2013 3.83 Biochemistry Chris will be attending the University of Nevada School of Medicine next year.
Alex Chau Fall 2010 2.90 Political Science along with a minor in Psychology Alex plans to work in DC after graduation and then enroll in Law School.
Andrew Childress Fall 2011 3.30 Mechanical Engineering Andrew is moving to the east coast to work at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a Nuclear Engineer.
David Deal Spring 2011 3.10 Criminal Justice along with a minor in Accounting David plans to apply for jobs at police departments and federal agencies.
Wes Hollingsworth Spring 2011 3.10 English with an emphasis in Linguistics Wes plans to take a year off in order to travel to Asia to teach abroad.
Trevor Jackins Fall 2010 3.56 Marketing Trevor plans to work at a marketing agency.
Alex Khaliq Spring 2010 3.108 Marketing Alex plans to work at a Sports Marketing or Advertising Agency.
Donny Langham Spring 2011 3.10 Management Donny plans to move back to the bay area.
Michael Mathis Fall 2010 2.94 Economics Michael will be enrolling in University of Nevada, Las Vegas Boyd School of Law next year.
James Ross Fall 2010 2.80 Criminal Justice James plans to enter graduate school to study Nonproliferation terrorism.
Mike Stamm Fall 2010 3.10 Community Health Science Mike plans to enter into the profession of Sports Health.
Chas Torres Fall 2010 3.564 Secondary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics Chas plans to do student teaching before becoming a middle school teacher.
  Average GPA 3.20