Volunteer Spotlight

Sigma Phi Epsilon Ducal Crown

Sigma Phi Epsilon would not exist today if it were not for the generations of committed volunteers who have given generously of their time and talents. Every SigEp chapter, including Nevada Alpha, {has benefited greatly from the involvement of volunteers#benefits from volunteer involvement}.

On this page, we will showcase all alumni and/or volunteers who donate to the Nevada Alpha chapter during the calendar year of $100 and above as well as anyone who volunteers 1+ hours at any of the Alumni & Volunteer Corporation’s (AVC) events or through mentoring undergraduates of the chapter. Regardless, if an individual is a sitting member of the AVC or not, it’s fair game. We hope that this page {causes you to#stirs you to#makes you} scroll several times over to get to the bottom. What say you, gentleman (and ladies)? Will you donate or volunteer to support the Sigma Phi Epsilon Nevada Alpha chapter and alumni events?

Nevada Alpha Giving Hoop of Steel

  • Henry Soledad (2013)
  • Will you be the second?
  • Volunteer Manpower

    • Did you volunteer at the chapter house clean up?
    • Did you repair anything at the house?
    • Tell us more.

    Special thanks to our supporters

    General Donation
    Sigma Phi Epsilon Crest

    Please consider making a donation to the general fund for the Sigma Phi Epsilon Nevada Alpha Alumni and Volunteer Corporation.

    Your generous gift helps to contribute to the following:

    • The fund to purchase the house at 401 University Terrace
    • Alumni vs. undergrad softball event.
    • In-house scholarship for undergraduates.
    • Homecoming events
    • General house maintenance at 401 University Terrace
    • Sending both alumni and undergraduates to
      • Carlson Leadership Academies
      • Ruck Leadership Institute
      • Biennial Conclave events
    • Support for hosting this website
    • And much more.
    Henry Soledad - BMP/Diversity Scholarship 500.00 USD
    Henry Soledad 100.00 USD
    Total amount 600.00 USD